Urban Diddle

Waffle Pot


Inspired by the waffle cones of my childhood, this new shape is the largest one yet!  

Made from a mix of Cement, Fibre, Seashell and stone, they are a sturdy and heavyweight pot perfect for both indoors or outdoors. 

This product is sold SEPERATELY to the drip trays

Available in 2 colours: Pale Pink and Sand white

XL: 53x55 - 21.5kg

L: 44x45 - 16.5kg

M: 35x36

S: 26x27

Some locations may incur additional freight fees (This pot is HEAVY/LARGE to ship) please contact us if you would like a freight quote prior to ordering

This product is sold SEPERATELY to the drip trays

Any damages must be claimed within 5 days of product delivery, any damages claimed after this will not be accepted for compensation. Clear imagery must accompany all claims. Please note, small chips/flecks/tiny hairline cracks (barely visible) are completely normal due to stones being dislodged during the sanding process and do not affect the integrity of the pot. We have accepted such characteristics as a possible flaw due to the large stone size we had our hearts set on. 

**Wholesalers, we do not provide replacements on damaged stock. Any compensation provided is inclusive of the relevant freight so that you are never left out of pocket.

OPENING ORDER MOQ: $1500 (Applicable to wholesale only, not retail) 

REORDER MOQ: $500 (Applicable to wholesale only, not retail)

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