The joy that is freight!

We really did umm and ahh over sending our freight Australia wide. Having spoken to others in the same industry, the concerns around damage and pricing were really nerve wracking (especially when it's us that has to wear the cost associated with damages that occur in transit).

In the end, we decided we would offer Aus wide freight. Surprise Surprise, it didn't go well! We had a shocking 6 months in which mainstream freighters charged us a small fortune to have goods delivered, and then delivered these goods looking as though they had dragged them down the highway rather than loaded them into a truck. 

So, something had to give. 

As a result, we now obtain ALL of our pot/fragile freight quotes via sites such as Truck it, load shift, air tasker and reliable smaller providers... This way, private drivers can bid on jobs when they are heading in the right direction and we can accept reasonable bids knowing that our goods are being transported by someone self-employed, who takes pride in their work. Security and insurance for all of us!  

The downside? We cannot provide flat rate pricing AND we cannot guarantee timelines. It might take 24 hours, or it might take months for someone to be headed your direction. But to us, this downside far outweighs thousands down the drain in reimbursed damages and freight payments. 

This is well worth keeping in mind if you are ordering for a specific job or client, give us time to source a quote! And please do not make any guarantees to your customers! The wait can be long!!!

It is also worth noting that smaller orders are harder to obtain reasonable freight quotes for. A full pallet has more margin, thus a higher freight budget, guaranteed to attract more drivers. A smaller order may still require a pallet, however, has a smaller freight budget in order to ensure you are making appropriate margins on the product. A pallet with 8 sets might cost $1000-$1500 to freight. A pallet with 2 sets is probably still going to cost $300-$600 to freight. Keep this in mind if taking custom orders. 

Rest assured, we have reduced damages to almost nothing with this method and more often than not we do receive a super fair freight quote within a week. But we just want everyone to be aware of the wait that can occur, and the associated costs if taking smaller orders from your clients.

If you have received a freight quote from us and you are happy with it, please let us know ASAP so we can lock in the driver. They are generally on the road and not waiting around for an answer, the sooner we get back to them to approve the quote the better. If you reply in a week, we might miss them. 

** If we are unable to source a quote from the services mentioned above, we will book your freight in with a mainstream provider. We will accept all responsibility for damages that occur in transit on these occasions. If you want a fast delivery, you're also welcome to request a mainstream freighter (Aus post/tnt/star trak) however, if you opt for this we will not be held responsible for any damages that occur in transit as it is not our preferred nor suggested option for transport.

** If you're worried about having money in lieu whilst we obtain a freight quote, just select bank deposit at checkout. This way you will not be charged and can hold off paying until you are happy with a provided freight quote. Orders are not sent out until payment for the product AND the freight are received in full, so please be prompt to avoid missing the provided quote. Drivers aren't waiting around. 

** If any stock arrives damaged, you have 5 days from delivery to advise us. Claims MUST include CLEAR imagery of damages. We never send replacements for damaged product, but you will be compensated inclusive of the associated freight. Please also note, a small crack does not warrant 100% compensation. Compensation will be determined based on the level of damage present and the function of the product. 

** If a pallet arrives with severe damage, REJECT THE DELIVERY. You are not required to accept excessively damaged stock. It will be returned to us and we can send you a fresh delivery. 

** Please note, Daisy is currently pregnant and not able to work the long hours she used to re packing and prepping orders. As a result of her lifestyle change she is also now running her business entirely off the farm. THIS HAS SLOWED DOWN DISPATCH TIMES! Please be patient (and please be kind) whilst we work through orders as quickly as we can. We will not tolerate any rude or demanding behaviour, we're a small team working our butts off.