Urban Diddle

Silk Habotai Ribbon #106 MUSCARI


Torn edges and hand dying give our Silk Habotai Ribbon an effortless yet luxe feel, and, with a range of colours as extensive as they are gorgeous there is no way you won't find what you're looking for!

Muscari can appear both light purple and/or blue. I find in darker spaces it appears a deeper almost purple tone, where as flowing behind a bouquet outdoors it appears a stunning sky blue colour (as seen in the first bouquet image, created by Tweed Twigs and photographed by Tony Evans). Muscari has forever been a best seller, and one of my personal favourites.... I mean....That is my bouquet in the picture

Please be aware this product has been tested with water to ensure that the dye does not run/transfer when in contact with other materials and surfaces

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