Big Daisy

Pearl vase


Our 'Pearl' vases are handmade by Firoz and his incredible team in India. Each sphere is individually attached to the rim of the vase, making each vase unique and special. 

During the firing process, these spheres can dislodge and slide down the vase. Whilst Firoz first considered this a fault, we thought it only made this vessel more charming. So consider yourself lucky if you find a pearl or two at the bottom, or on the outside, of your unique piece. 

We absolutely adore these organic, earthy pieces and look forward to developing more shapes and vessels in the future. 

Ceramic with a glossy exterior, please note that due to the handmade nature no two are the same. It is also very important to note that different lighting, screen brightness levels and devices can make the colours appear slightly different. 

With 6 beautiful colours to select from, we look forward to adding even more in future. 

Designed in Australia, made in close collaboration with our artisans in India 🤎

Photographed by Emused Film

Approx 24cm tall

Opening approx 12cm

Base approx 7.5cm

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