Big Daisy

Timber sculptures, handmade in Australia


These stunning timber pieces are handmade in Australia. 

We feel so lucky to be a stockist of these beautiful sculptures! 

Every piece is completely unique so know you're getting something super special and unique. 

Timber varieties vary from piece to piece so each drop tends to be a different colour and finish. 

Jumbo pears. These pears range from 70cm-90cm in height and have an oil coating allowing them to be placed in an outdoor position (although they look equally beautiful indoors). Completely hand carved, no two are the same! If you would like to select your pear, please do not hesitate to reach out and we can arrange some videos of each pear currently available. Or, if you live nearby, we would be happy to meet you at the warehouse in person. 

Apple A.  This is a smaller apple sculpture, the small apples stand approx 20-23cm and are about 20cm in width. This apple does not have an oil protection suitable for outdoors, so is for indoor use only. Avoid getting wet 



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