Big Daisy

'Daisy' reclaimed cork stool


Dimensions: 44x31cm

About: Well it's about time I called something 'Daisy' .... Made from tubes of cork, this stool is then capped on both ends to give the illusion of the solid Daisy shape. 

A beautiful soft stool, with less surface area than the rest of the range, it is suited to a cup of tea or a few odds and ends. 

The range:

I have been desperate to work with cork since learning about it's sustainable nature, and, since seeing the insanely beautiful cork flooring my parents have utilised in their new home!

Cork is harvested from cork trees, however, the tree is not cut down in the process. The bark is carefully removed from the trunk, a process which can be repeated every 8-9 years.

My manufacturer sources their cork from portugal. Once received they boil the cork to remove any nasties, after which the cork is cut into a variety of shapes to be used as cork stoppers (a product they specialise in). The off cuts from this cork are then granulated and repurposed into my beautiful 'Big Daisy' range

Cork is an expensive material to work with, but I am proud to be able to provide a competitive product in the current market, without skimping on quality.

The 'Big Daisy' cork range cannot be exposed to water, cork is absorbant and this will discolour the product

100% recyclable

I am incredibly proud to produce a product made from a reclaimed material, the nature of this can cause marks and colour blemishes. Please note that this is normal

Any damages must be claimed within 5 days of product delivery, any damages claimed after this will not be accepted for compensation. Clear imagery must accompany all claims.

OPENING ORDER MOQ: $1500 (Applicable to wholesale only, not retail) 

REORDER MOQ: $500 (Applicable to wholesale only, not retail)

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