Big Daisy

Custom design SAMPLE production

 Big Daisy custom design sample costs include:

- A design mock up (if required/not supplied)
- Custom mould development in order to produce a sample
- Sample production via our manufacturer inclusive of 3 revisions
- All freight and customs costs associated with importation of 1 x product sample
- Delivery door to door

Please note, if the sample is approved and an order is placed, orders to the value of $13,000+ will have 50% of sample costs ($1500) credited towards their order total.

Orders to the value of $25,000+ will have 100% of sample costs ($3000) credited towards their order total. 

We will obtain a quote for the entirety of your job prior to proceeding with sample production to ensure it falls within your required budget and time frame requirements. 

All custom jobs are charged as per our wholesale rates. 

**Any and all designs produced by Big Daisy remain the Intellectual property of Big Daisy in their entirety until the point at which payment in full is received by Big Daisy for the purpose of their production/manufacturing. Big Daisy designs produced or manufactured without knowledge or consent from Big Daisy, or by someone other than Big Daisy, will be pursued via any legal avenues required. By proceeding with Custom design SAMPLE production you agree to these terms**

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