Urban Diddle

Silk Habotai Ribbon #69 CYAN


Torn edges and hand dying give our Silk Habotai Ribbon an effortless yet luxe feel, and, with a range of colours as extensive as they are gorgeous there is no way you won't find what you're looking for!

Cyan is such a rich blue, and an absolutely stunning addition to any colour scheme. I really believe blue works seamlessly with any colour, and ties in with both a moody or vibrant colour scheme. These images are a perfect representation of how different lighting can show off the different tones in our Cyan silk habotai. 

Pictured is the always incredible work of Graham from Tweed Twigs in Melbourne, captured by 'I got you babe' photography 🩵 Both worth reaching out to if you plan on getting hitched around Melbourne. 

Please be aware this product has been tested with water to ensure that the dye does not run/transfer when in contact with other materials and surfaces. 

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