Big Daisy

Cheese wheel Pot - Nougat


Made from a mix of cement, fibre, seashell and stone our 'Cheese wheel' pots are a beautiful, sturdy planter suitable for both indoors and outdoors. 

I designed these pots after snapping a photo of a stack of Cheese wheels at the South Melbourne market. They are quite literally, a drawing of a stack of cheese wheels. What else was I meant to call them? 

The two wheels are both made up of 3 parts each. These 3 parts and then joined together to make the wheels, which are then stacked on top of each other and joined again. The pot is sanded back by hand to smooth out the joins making them appear as though they are one piece. These stunning planters are an absolute work of art, worth the labour of love we think. 

They have one drainage hole, and we suggest the Cheese wheel lifts which help to hover the planter over the ground. This allows water to drain freely. The lifts are shaped in a semi- circle shape which allows a dish to be placed under the pot and act as a drip tray, or, so that they can be placed in a way that makes them less visible so as not to affect the beautiful stacked shaped of the planter. 

SMALL 30x18cm

LARGE 50x30cm 

Lifts sold separately.


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